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Being a Pro at Pay Per Click Advertising

When it comes to the most commonly opted online advertising platforms, pay per click advertising undoubtedly leads the way. Although running a PPC campaign is not a complex task, it is always recommended that you seek assistance from a PPC consultant to ensure maximum ROI. If you still want to take shot at it without a PPC management company, here is how you need to move forward.

The Crux of ecommerce PPC management

A successful PPC advertising campaign addresses two main goals, enhancing the CTR (click-through rate) and decreasing CPC (cost-per-click). For that, you need to make the most relevant ads that address what people are searching for. If the relevancy is high, Google then shows your ad to the audience who is already looking for your product or service. This increases relevancy and produces real leads for your business. According to Neil Patel, a global guru in digital marketing, states that properly run Facebook sponsored ads or PPC ads provide a basic ROI of over 300%. The numbers itself speak for the staggering returns of a properly run AdWords campaign.

Automatic vs Manual bidding

You have two alternative to opt for. While manual bidding does let you manage a bid (a science in itself), automatic bidding makes things a bit easier, and it has also been known to reduce costs and increase conversions. PPC management companies like Rapidobots offer both solutions to customers. They customize a campaign and run a bid based on your budget and what can offer your business the best results altogether.

One thing that you need to focus on is not to get carried away a bid a lot. A smarter AdWords management service would initially bid low, and see if the impressions received are relevant, eventually turning into sales figures. In case the response is good, you can continue with some larger bids to see better sales figures through your pay per click advertising campaign.

There’s A Lot More!

A successful PPC campaign includes a lot more than the abovementioned conditions. You have to find, and target relevant keywords, build ad banners, monitor the results, and so forth.

Instead of going through all this hassle and lose focus on your key revenue-generating operations, it is best to hire a PPC management company that offer you customized small business PPC services, while you focus on your core business functions. This is exactly what Rapidobots is here for! We are among the topmost companies to provide PPC services in Pakistan.

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