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Customer Experiences With Food Bank

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Food Bank by Rapidobots is a leading restaurant POS software in Pakistan designed to elevate your customer experiences by digitalizing your point of sale. We change the way your customers get in contact with your business by using top-of-the-line tablet-based software.

Streamlines the way your customers place orders and interact with waiters using our top-of-the-line restaurant POS system on a tablet. Food Bank also restructures your entire business processby allowing you to monitor and manage records on-the-go so you remain up-to-date witheverything 24/7 in real-time.

Restaurant POS Sytem For Sale

Digitalize your restaurant with Food Bank to improve operations and increase profits!

Food Bank For Restaurants

Improve your customer service by digitalizing your business with the best POS system for restaurants offered by RapidoBots. Let’s dive into the core functionality of the Food Bank and how it helps your business.


Imagine not having to visit your restaurant to receive real-time updates. This restaurant POS system in Pakistan will allow you to access business insights, what’s hot on the menu, the sales being made, and more!

On the other hand, managers will be able to elevate customer experiences by reviewing orders and making relevant changes on request without having to call up the waiters every time. Food Bank does all of this through its cloud-based tablet interface to reduce service times for customers and adding efficiency in your business with better time, effort, and cost-saving.


SIt is often troubling for restaurant owners to differentiate between the sales coming from dine-ins and takeaways. Food Bank resolves this concern by allowing you to track ‘takeaway’ orders separately lets you tap into the sales made through takeaway orders.

Food Bank takes your convenience up a notch by allowing you to track all your takeaway orders separately. You can later use this data to determine how much of your daily or monthly sales revenue was generated through takeaway – all within a single tap of your finger!


Food Bank is the best tablet restaurant POS system when it comes to digitalizing customer experiences within your restaurant. Walk-in customers can access the tablet at the entrance, pick a table from the available ones, access menu and place orders right away, and even choose a waiter who will serve them.

Once done, customers move to their tables, where the opted for waiters will serve them, or take orders. By minimizing human-contact, Food Bank will allow customers to enjoy their dining experiences without having to deal with waiters in a conventional way.


Food Bank by Rapidobots is a leading restaurant POS system on a tablet that resolves this concern by simply providing a separate window to manage delivery orders. It also lets you keep accounting records for delivery separate so you know what percentage of your sales come from deliveries as compared to dine-ins.

In addition, track the stage of each order whether it is pending, has been delivered, or if it has been completed. The POS system will only close an order when the rider has collected and paid the due amount to the restaurant.


A lot of customers in a restaurant only want side orders or sometimes even just a bottle of water. Through our integrated Quick Sale tab, you will be able to punch such orders separately without having to open the entire menu.

Sales made through quick sales products can also be tracked separately. The ones that are most commonly opted for individually can be paired into a deal and placed into the main menu.


Among the best features of Food Bank by Rapidobots is that it allows you to pull up previous transactions through a simple and easy-to-use interface. Simply click on the built-in tags like date of transaction, an item from the menu, or the waiter who served the order (you can select multiple tags simultaneously) – Food Bank will display all the relevant information in a matter of seconds.

This efficient way of pulling up past transactions will save time and effort whether you’re addressing a discrepancy in accounts, or pulling up order details to solve a customer query or concern.

Keep Control Through Your Admin’s Panel

Have control of your business from virtually any location in the world through our restaurant POS system.

Track where your riders are if they have picked the order when it was delivered, and a lot more. Real-time tracking of your riders will keep you well-informed and allow for better rider management.

See which servers are occupied, who has orders to deliver, which orders have been delivered and more. This restaurant POS system also allows you to limit access to managers and waiters through the backend panel.

Access detailed profit and loss statements, review sales against different items on the menu and determine the revenue trends, all within a few taps.

Grow your menu or remove a non-performing item from the admin’s panel so your Food Bank tablet is always up-to-date. You can also determine if the on-ground manager would have access to editing the menu.

Create the best deals with a few taps of your finger! You can do that by accessing your admin’s panel, or provide similar access to managers so they can bundle up items on the menu to create deals in an instant.

Book tables, chefs, and servers for your customers upon request. You can also determine the amount of access a manager would have while making reservations through this restaurant POS system on a tablet.

Access detailed settings from the admin’s panel where you can determine accesses for different personnel, make changes to the menu as required, change themes, access order, and do a lot more


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